The Campbell Girls’ Deer Sauce has been formulated and field-tested under real hunting conditions to give hunters a proven method of attracting deer.  It uses the deer’s most powerful sense, which is smell to bring the deer in and coming back for more.

The Campbell Girls’ Deer Sauce was the thought engine of two young daughters who wanted their Daddy to spend more time with them and less time chasing deer.  Together with their father they designed a full-proof method of attracting deer.  It has been tested by the Campbell Girls in front of game cameras and its proprietary flavoring has proven successful.  Additionally, it is a quality grain and mineral source for a healthy deer herd.

Instructions for Use:

Campbell Girls’ Deer Sauce works best when simply applied to the ground off of a known deer trail.  For optimal results pour the entire bucket in a cleared three-foot area and mix in with soil.

  • During the hunting season reapply every three weeks.
  • During the rut reapply every 5 to 7 days. This will attract does creating more deer movement and activity around the shooting area.   This increased and concentrated doe activity will pull in the big bucks.
  • Apply to the site monthly after the end of the hunting season to keep the site active. This will also begin conditioning the deer to use the area as a food source prior to the next season.  Only one application is necessary during the off- season.

Site Selection:

Choose a clearing off of a well-known deer trail.  Do not put on the actually trail. By doing so you may alert the bucks to a change scare them off.    Campbell Girls’ Deer Sauce will blend well with a wide variety of soil types.  Keep in mind that denser clay soils will hold the minerals and scent longer than sandier soils.