The Campbell Girl’s Secret Deer Sauce is used as a Deer Attractant, Mineral Supplement for Maximum Antler Growth and an enhancement for Feeder Systems.



The Campbell Girls’  Deer Sauce can be applied liberally throughout the year.
For best results;  follow these Campbell Girl recommendations.

  1. Clear a 3 ft. area of brush, debris, grass, etc. to clear soil.
  2. Dump contents of container into center of cleared area off of a well-known trail.
  3. Mix the contents into the surface of the soil.

When to Apply Out-of-Season:

  1. First application can be applied anytime during the year.
  2. Re-apply every month.

When to Apply In-Season:

  1. Apply two weeks before the beginning of hunting season.
  2. Re-apply once a month.
  3. For added results;  apply the first week of the deer rut.  This will have added attraction for does and help bring in the Big Bucks with them.