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Campbell Girls Deer Sauce


Formulated and Field Tested
Under Real Hunting Conditions

The Campbell Girls Deer Sauce was the brainchild of two young daughters who wanted their daddy to spend more time with them, and less time chasing deer. In the fall of 2011, Caroline and Charlotte Campbell had simply had enough of their father’s all-day hunts, and decided to take matters into their own hands.

They spent countless hours in their garage, mixing various concoctions to attract deer. When their father, Shawn, realized how serious his nine- and five-year-old daughters were, he decided to help them. His knowledge of chemistry and contacts in the industry would prove invaluable to Caroline and Charlotte.

Together, after a year of research and meeting with industry experts, the Campbell family designed a full-proof method of attracting deer: it uses the deer’s most powerful sense (smell) to bring the deer in–and coming back for more. Additionally, it is a quality grain and mineral source for a healthy deer herd. 

Proven Method of Attracting Deer

Setting the
Industry Standard

Scientifically Formulated

Many deer attractants have similar claims, but Campbell Girls Deer Sauce has actually been scientifically formulated to condition deer to return to the application site time after time. 

It is a combination of trace minerals for healthy game–molasses and corn for initial attractant–and special additives to encourage the game to stay in close proximity to the application area.

Efficient Packaging

The Girls even put a lot of thought into how their product was going to be carried into the woods. They decided on a two-gallon camouflage bucket with an easy-hold handle that could be carried by the average hunter without being cumbersome. The twenty-pound container is water-proof, with a lid gasket that simply tears away. It doesn’t get much more efficient than that!

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The Campbell Girls launched the distribution of their product in December, 2012. Within eight weeks, it was in 18 stores, in 4 states. 

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