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How To Use

How to Use

Campbell Girls Deer Sauce


Off of a well-known trail, clear a 3-ft. area of brush, debris, grass, etc. to clear soil.


Dump contents of container into center of cleared area.


Mix the contents into the surface of the soil.

Recommended Use

Site Selection

Choose a clearing off of a well-known deer trail. Do not put on the actual trail; by doing so, you may alert the bucks to a change and scare them off. Campbell Girls Deer Sauce will blend well with a wide variety of soil types. Keep in mind that denser clay soils will hold the minerals and scent longer than sandier soils. 

Post Hunting Season

Apply to the site monthly to keep the site active. (This will begin conditioning the deer to use the area as a food source prior to the next season.) *Only one application necessary during the off-season.*

During the Rut

Reapply every 5-7 days. (This will attract does, creating more deer movement and activity around the shooting area. This increased and concentrated does activity will attract the big bucks.)

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