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Deer Attractant
The holding power of nutritional elements make this attractant a deadly duo.
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Mineral Supplement for Maximum Antler Growth
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Enhancement for Feeder Systems
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Formulated and Field Tested
The Campbell Girls tested their sauce under real hunting conditions, giving hunters a proven method of attracting deer.
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The Campbell Girls’ Deer Sauce has been formulated and field tested under real hunting conditions to give hunters a proven method of attracting deer. It uses the deer’s most powerful sense (smell) to bring the deer in—and coming back for more.

The Campbells Girls’ Deer Sauce was the brainchild of two young daughters who wanted their father to spend more time with them and less time chasing deer. Together with their father, they designed a full-proof method of attracting deer. It has been tested by the Campbell Girls in front of game cameras and its proprietary flavoring has proven successful. Additionally, it is a quality grain and mineral source for a healthy deer herd.

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proven results

Deer Attractant
Mineral Supplement


Message From the Girls

“Welcome to the Campbell Girls’ Deer Sauce website! We are so excited about having Campbell Girls’ Deer Sauce available to deer hunters everywhere. After years of research and testing we believe we have developed the best deer attractant on the market. Not only does it attract deer, but it is scientifically formulated to keep them coming back to the application site. We hope you love our products as much as we do.”


Just wanted to let you know we are EXTREMELY pleased with the results of Campbell Girls Deer Sauce!! I’ve never had as much deer activity with any other food supplement attractant that I’ve tried. Goin out again tomorrow to check the camera again. Thanks again for letting us give this product a try! Again we are very pleased! 

Jarrett & Lauren Keith — MTBO

campbell girls deer sauce | year-round application


do not put on the actual trail

Campbell Girls' Deer Sauce works best when simply applied to the ground just off of a known deer trail. Do not put it on the actual trail; by doing so, you may alert the bucks to a change and scare them off.

mix it up

For optimal results, clear a three-foot area, then pour the entire bucket into the area, and mix it in with the soil

re-apply and use all season

Post-hunting season, apply to the site monthly to keep the site active. (This will begin conditioning the deer to use the area as a food source prior to the next season.)


"We had never seen a buck on this land until now...AMAZING!!!"

- Rob

"...very effective at baiting and keeping deer coming back for more."

- Pat

"I have tons of deer on my trail cam -- it's unreal! I know what attractant I will be using next year."

- Alex